How To Get Started In Sponsorships!

 I HATE reading landing pages and I bet you do to! So I promise if you will give me a few minutes of your time, I will get straight to the point and tell you exactly what you are getting with this course and what you can expect when you are finished.

The number one question we get here at is: "Where do I start?"  Well wonder no more, as this course will answer that very thing!

What am I going to learn?
A one hour pre-recorded live class that teaches:

  • The 3 fundamentals of sponsorships you have to know to be successful!
  • Why you may or may not want a sponsor!
  • Building your brand and why you need it!
  • A recorded Live Q&A where students got to ask questions that I bet you have and will get to learn from them asking some awesome questions!

What you can expect when you finish this course:

  • A true, no bull, explanation of what goes into sponsorships!
  • Everything we learn should be based around fundamentals and what we do here is no different.  You have to know the foundation of sponsorship to build off of and I will teach that!
  • You already have a brand and probably didn't realize it, but you will have a better understanding of your brand and what it means to actually have one and how to be able to use it!
  • A course that is truly giving you 10 times the value of the cost and I promise you will have the experience of your life and learn something that will blow your mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the number one question we get on a daily basis.  Short answer: Yes!  But I'll tell you this, sponsorships go way beyond your reputation as a driver.  In this course you will learn all the ways you can bring true value to a sponsor and be very appealing to them as a marketing partner!

Definitely. This course was precisely made for racers like YOU because you truly can gain a sponsor with the right guidance, training, and mindset about racing.

No, I do not. This program is concise, effective and proven to work. The investment is minimal and I stand by the results it offers. 

You will get unparalleled support. Anytime you need help, you can reach out and expect me to respond. I don’t just hand you information. I also build relationships with Bootcamp members to make sure they’re cared for.

I guarantee that the training and support you will get in the Bootcamp will be second to none. The results you get are solely dependent upon you implementing the teaching and strategies taught.

While this course is geared towards helping racers gain sponsors, the principles taught in the course are applicable to other businesses. In fact, 40% of the students enrolled in 2020 were content creators.

Absolutely!  We offer a Facebook group as well as our most popular course, the Bootcamp.  We also offer a more advanced coaching class called the Master Class.ED! Both programs are only eligible to our Bootcamp Alumni.